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IPN Redirect WordPress Plugin By Wicked Cool Plugins

IPN Redirect WordPress Plugin By Wicked Cool Plugins

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UBOTEM is uses this WordPress Plugin ‘IPN Redirect WordPress Plugin – By Wicked Cool Plugins’.

Highlights of why we chose this plugin are:

  • Needed to send a PayPal IPN to two URLs
  • This enables us to use UbotLocker with our current setup (read more below)
  • We are familiar with WordPress Plugins


Get WCP's IPN Redirect Plugin for WordPress


Product Description

Hopefully this will save somebody time…

We had an issue due to the fact that PayPal only allow one IPN URL to be added to your account.

Our setup that we needed this for is a WordPress CMS, with Woocommerce Plugin.
And have a separate web-server with UbotLocker on it.

Now both the Woocommerce and UbotLocker require an IPN (Instant Payment Notification), and both have URLs that need notification sent to.

First of all we needed to change IPN URL in PayPal and make sure it was enabled.
(Note that we actually changed to something like:

Now first of all this did absolutely nothing for us, as the IPN URL setting in PayPal is only used if the notify_url is not being used when posting transaction data to PayPal from your site.
And guess what? Yes Woocommerce use this notify_url on all of your transactions to ensure your store works regardless of this PayPal setting.
(You would expect PayPal to send the IPN to your chosen URL regardless, but no PayPal only sends one IPN and the notify_url value overrides the setting in PayPal)

So next we needed to modify our Woocommerce store so that all of the notify_url values matched where we wanted to send it 🙂

Then with the IPN Redirect WordPress Plugin installed which was the easy part, they have a great video showing how to do that.

So we setup our URL to forward a copy of the IPN data to two new URLs.
IPN URL 1. (we were able to see previous transactions to get this URL)

Transaction from my shop

Waited for our next transaction and yes IPN was sent to both of our URLs and was validated by our Woocomerse store.

But… The UbotLocker did not create an activation key nor email our customer 🙁

After looking at the IPN data (from PayPal’s IPN History page), we noticed that the title of our product is in variable item_name1 and knew UbotLocker uses item_name to match payment to the locked project.

So we needed to change UbotLocker to read the item_name1 instead 🙂

Then the final part that needed to be changed to trigger the creation of license was changing the reference comparing the the txn_type so that it can match with our store.

So we can see in our UbotLocker the Action Type is ‘cart’ for our transactions, so we need to change this check in the PaymentNotify.php


We hope that this information is useful to other Ubot Studio developers 🙂


1 review for IPN Redirect WordPress Plugin By Wicked Cool Plugins

  1. 5 out of 5

    Have to rate this five stars, as was easy to set-up a IPN re-broadcaster (or redirector) using this product.
    And this enabled us to use the great product UbotLocker by meter.
    Also feel happy IPN hub is hosted inside a WordPress CMS site.

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