Product Description

I use Godaddy for most of our hosting needs…

They are fairly cheap, and reliable for starting up…

I have several large data sites that I host with them and combining with CloudFlare can easily cope with 200k+ visitors per month on a single site.

Generally use WordPress as the CMS, as it is very secure and supported by many developers with cool plugins and themes.

Hosting packages I have tried are:

Unlimited Shared Hosting:
I generally use this to run many site scripts and can do quite a lot.
Also suitable for Ubot Locker.

WordPress Managed Hosting:
This is their new hosting designed to work better with WordPress, and this is the setup I supercharge with CloudFlare on heavy traffic sites.
Great to build your software stores using WordPress.

Anyway I recommend Godaddy as have used them for years with very little issues…

Have not tried Full Dedicated yet, almost did as was overloading servers with traffic and knocking out my hosting servers (but then we found CloudFlare, and have almost perfect page-speed scores even at high traffic times)