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DeLooper Tool By UBOTEM

DeLooper Tool By UBOTEM


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  • Designed for Ubot Developers
  • Installer & Automatic Updates
  • Quick Launch ALT + CTRL + SHIFT + D

Product Description

This is free tool and is designed for Ubot Developers…

It was made for those moments when you realise you have just ran a loop with errors!
(Saves clicking stop script a thousand times, just so you can save your work!)

It will not work for those moments where you are in an infinite loop!
(but nothing will help you in those situations!)

Thought about building a delooper for a while, but when I hit an error loop with 2k loops is when I built the tool in UB5.
Have now recompiled in UB4 and given a little skin before releasing for free to the Ubot Community.

I hope you find it useful 😀

It has an installer and features automatic updates, for when I add some features later.
(Feel free to suggest more feature for this simple tool).

Also features a quick launch, just hold ALT + CTRL + SHIFT + D

Screenshot of the tool:
Delooper Tool - Screenshot

1 review for DeLooper Tool By UBOTEM

  1. 5 out of 5

    Simple tool & can save a lot of valuable time!

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