When I needed ubot I did not have any money and I ended up using the cracked version that was floating around at the time.

The downside was it was super buggy, but it did enable me to create some bots for personal use, and at the time allowed me to create some videos to drum up some funding towards it.

As soon as could afford ubot, I bought the full Developer Version of ubot studio. And would recommend it to anyone!

By the time I bought it I had already created some Twitter bots, but started again as code was old and incompatible with latest version of ubot.

Even though I could not compile an exe with cracked version, and it was super buggy!
I ended up using this frustrating copy for about a year! But… it allowed me to master the basics!

At first my plan was not go commercial, but to create tools for myself allowing me to have the power to automate any task I had online. And at the time I was an auto-blogger and ubot came in handy setting up 100+ sites at a time, and some other tools to check my sites progress.

Then after a while I thought that if my products were useful to me then it would be useful to others!

So I had an old useless domain that I converted into a basic WordPress shop and listed a couple of my tools. I did not really expect to sell any, just wanted to know they were for sale somewhere!

About 3 months later noticed sales picking up 😉

Then about a year later the sales were good enough to consider putting more effort into my products, and creating some more tools for the public.

I have kept to my strict free updates policy and some products have been updated and supported for years!

Eventually moved shop to a brand-able domain and moved customers and orders to new domain!

Now have a great digital download store with many customers, and growing daily!

I’m not big on SEO and promotion, do a little social linking, and setup webmaster tools. But site gets a few hundred views a day, and has great conversion to sales!

Had one product on WSO for about 3 months, but they changed policy on software that collects emails. So now removed 🙁 shame as missed out on good cash! Will maybe add another different product that complies with their policy. Still made a couple of thousand bucks there in a short time.

Either way that product still sells daily in my store 😉

I do need to look at selling more of my product, currently have a slow growing affiliate team too (built into my WordPress store)

Currently not focusing on sales, but focusing on making my products better and creating new great products! (whilst offering free support to my customers)


Anyways peace out!