I am not a great blogger, but have opened this site to hopefully give something back to the ubot studio community!

Do not expect me to post often, as usually too busy to make posts about what I do.


But what I plan for this site, is to offer a few tools that I make that may be useful to other users of ubot.
Also I plan to list my reviews of other ubot members tools and plugins etc…

I only really plan to review what I have already bought, and list how I got on with each plugin or tool.

I will label some as must haves! Some recommended, and some may not get written up!

I will be very honest in my views and opinions but will try not to offend anyone!

Please also do not get offended if you are not listed yet on this site
If you want me to review your ubot tool or products then give us an email from ubot forums.
Your product MUST be designed to be used by ubot developers! (THIS SITE IS FOR DEVS)


I love the ubot community, and have been botting for some years now and thought this could be my way to contribute 🙂


TBH I never bought any plugins or tools for about a year, as I bought dev version and just tried to master the normal functions of ubot.
Now I sell software commercially, and extra functions, tricks and tips from other members have been crucial to software development in ubot.


There is so much resource in the ubot forum, and is my first recommendation for new ubot developers!


Hopefully post more soon…