This is a list of Plugins or Software Tools that UBOTEM has bought or used to help get more from Ubot Studio!
(It is also a way of keeping track of what has been bought, and store useful code for use with various tools and plugins)

Prices listed represent the price we paid for the product, and not necessarily the current price.
As with most of these tools the price goes up as the products develop and get better, so our advice is to buy most items as they are released and keep an eye on the Ubot Forum.

ALL items listed are designed to be read by Ubot Studio Developers, and not for general public.

Although some items listed will be good for many other uses, we mainly want to catalog all the products that we think are useful to Ubot developers.

Will also try to add our review, and how we used various tools and plugins for items listed.

Have still not listed every plugin we have used, and will add more when get time.

As you can see serous developers need to invest in these plugins and tools to develop better products and to ensure more plugins and tools are created.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most items are external products and prices and offers may change or differ from the time it was listed on Please check current prices with the owner of each product.